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I am a Certified Professional Business Coach and I help ASPIRING ENTREPRENEURS and BUSINESS OWNERS who Struggle with Work-Life Balance and Wish They Could Have The CONFIDENCE, MOTIVATION, and CONSISTENCY to START, SUSTAIN or SCALE a BUSINESS. I offer essential support and resources to guide you in discovering where to begin on your journey, all while providing influential advice for you to surface your true potential power to live a life of prosperity. My underlying goal is to give my clients the stepping stones to unlock their unique gifts, capitalize on them, and feel empowered to showcase their authenticity so they can become the best versions of themselves.

Do Any Of These Questions Sound Familiar?

    • Are you tired of not feeling good enough or overwhelmed about the everyday stresses of life like marriage, problems with your children, business success, financial stability, depression, lack of energy and consistency, or choosing between the ideal business, job, or career?

    • Do you have an excellent business idea, but you’re holding yourself back from taking the leap? Are you facing impostor syndrome, have a business that is not taking off yet, or perhaps you’re having difficulties getting it to the next level?

    • Are you ready to let your authentic and spiritual self shine? Are you ready to own your story and give yourself the love and care that you deserve? Are you ready to learn how to get anything you want in life?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place. No matter how much you’ve struggled in the past, I can help you reach your goals in life so you can finally reach optimal success and happiness.

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Here’s how I can Help you


Become true to yourself and forefront values, beliefs, and authenticity to become the person you were always meant to be.


More confident and less vulnerable to fear, doubt, and overwhelm.


Faithful, loyal, and determined to start and finish anything you desire in life.

Overcome Challenges

Bring out what's most influential and unique about you so you can do the things you never knew were possible.

Unlock Your Potiental

Unlock your motivational spirit to achieve a competitive edge and rise to the competition within your desired sport or career.

Sharpen Your Mind

Sharpen your entrepreneurial mindset so you can build a successful business.


A deeper, loving connection with yourself, with your community, and within your meaningful relationships.

High Performance

More energy and a steady high-leveled of performance, purpose, and influence in your team, work, and personal life.


The enlightening breakthrough you’ve been seeking to finally execute or revitalize a business idea to drive profitable growth and scalability.

Hey There,  I’m Carlos

When I first joined the Marines, I never knew that it would have become the catalyst for my ignited passion for helping men reach their true potential and feel empowered to let their voices be heard.


Fast forward to today, I am the owner of VargaSynergy Coaching and proudly hold 17 years of mentoring, consulting, and training experience. I have supported countless men in surfacing their genuine identities, passionately guiding them to capitalize on their inner strengths so they can become a powerful future generation of inspiring leaders.

My Story

Don’t Put Your Life on Hold Any Longer

Everyone needs support once in a while, and I made it my mission to be that valuable resource for men to thrive in life. From big picture approaches or detailed oriented action steps and whether you need help on one particular area or several, don’t put your life on hold any longer and contact me today. A three month, six month, or a longer term program, you can count on me to deeply listen, offer fresh perspectives and insightful observations, and provide simple yet sustainable action steps to steer your personal or business goals in the best possible direction to succeed

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