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Finding Out Why We Were Born And Owning Our Story Is The Bravest And Most Fulfilled Thing That We Will Do

I Believe Everything Happens For a Reason And It Doesn't Happen To You, It Happens For You

My name is Carlos, and I am a highly passionate, dedicated, and Certified Professional Self-Synergy Coach at VargaSynergy Coaching, with a sole mission to support you to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Though I am a U.S. Marine with nearly two decades of active duty, I am a naturally caring and compassionate person who truly wants to make the world a better place. And because youth is our future, I take pride in working with them during their transformational years so they can become the next generation of leaders who will make lasting impacts in the world, all while being confident, fulfilled, and authentic along the way.

From the Ground Up

Some people think of me as this strong, fit, and confident man. After all, I'm that guy who spent 17 years in the Marines, deployed to Iraq in 2007, and has a solid foundation in Martial Arts. You are probably thinking, who the heck would mess with this dude?

I get it; on the surface, I look like a tough guy who couldn’t have possibly felt vulnerable a day in his life. And though I am strong, fit, and confident now, I was not always that way. In fact, growing up, I faced immense hardships that knocked me down repeatedly. From being bullied, discriminated against, and shamed, it was not an easy transition to overcome. But you know what? I did, and so can you.

The Behind the Scenes Build Up

I was born in El Agustino, a place based in Lima, Peru, and was always a painfully shy kid. I remember having low self-confidence, virtually no self-esteem, and always felt different from others, like I didn’t belong. And having this mindset while being a teenager was like a double-ended sword; I was trying to build a foundation for myself without any of the proper tools to help me get started.
After moving to the United States at age 16, it was both a blessing and a curse. I enjoyed my new home, but not being able to speak English was certainly a non-joyous ride. I was made fun of for my language and accent so much that it got to the point where I would refuse to talk and express myself in fear I would be bullied or discriminated against. Though I wish my teenage years would have been different and more positive, I have to say that I am grateful for it being this way, as it motivated me to rise above. I knew when I was at my lowest that the only way to go from there was up, and that was exactly what I decided to do.

The Rebirthing Transformation

In May of 2004, I joined the Marine Corps. I remember being in boot camp, afraid, lost, and being pushed both mentally and physically more than I have ever been in my life. While there, I had a Drill Instructor (who I still think to this day doesn’t like me) who told me I was wasting my time and would not make it as a Marine. If you are looking for words to cut, those would have been it. But still, I persevered through some of the toughest months of my life and proudly stood tall on graduation day. That was the moment in my life where I felt genuinely confident in myself, that I do have the internal strength despite what others might think or say. I cried that day, but not because of pain or sadness, but because my life was changed forever. Once I tasted that sweet freedom from my mental chains, I never went back.

Then to Now

I have a beautiful wife named Breanna and am a proud father to Aryanna Vargas. Over the last 17 years in the Marines, I have spent the majority of my time working with both teens and young adults as their mentor and leader. My own experiences, education, drive, and core values, and principles have all shaped me to being a strong resource for others to manifest into the people they were always meant to be, themselves.

To date, I have spoken, trained, and presented at countless high schools and career centers and have guided youth in transforming their lives for the better. Though I find my career exceptionally rewarding and enjoy building a generation that can establish a wonderful future for everyone, I am continually striving to be more, do more, and achieve more. Overall, that is the cornerstone of self-development, to always be better than you were yesterday. Thanks to my own revelations and support from excellent mentors and coaches who helped me succeed, I now want to be that same eye-opening person for the rest of you.

God, the universe, or whatever you believe in has a plan for you. All you have to do is have faith and trust in it. Everything you need is already inside of you!

Facts List for Trivia Later

  • I came to the United States in April of 2001

  • I am currently attending Park University for Social Psychology

  • I am a black belt and Martial Arts Instructor in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

  • I am a Financial Specialist in the Marine Corps

  • I am a Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Advocate in the Marine Corps

  • Christmas music is my jam!

  • I enjoy drawing, painting, and playing the piano

  • I dislike insects, heights, and darkness

Want to know a secret?

You already have what it takes inside of you to flourish. And if you are having a hard time seeing your own power, resilience, drive, and strength, then I am here to help you discover that. I am here to water that dormant seed tucked away in your body, allowing it to grow and become so monumental and empowering that you will feel like a whole new person by the end of your transformational journey.

In the end, always remember that you are much more than you think you are, and you never have to walk the path alone. When you decide to address your craving to transform and surface what you are truly made of, then I am ready when you are.

I am ready to own my story and find my purpose

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