Certified Professional Business Coach | Real Estate Investor | United States Marine

Core Values

Purpose-Courage-Commitment Synergy

Purpose, courage, and commitment. These core values all harmoniously flow together and truly make up everything that I stand for when working with my clients. Overall, everyone has a purpose in life. For me, having and fulfilling my purpose while guiding others to unearth their own is the cornerstone of my core values. This is what supports my overall vision and shapes the culture of my business. And mixing in courage, the cement that keeps one sturdy, strong, and resilient against the elements of life, and commitment, which is the map to reaching dreams and success, all demonstrate my core values in life and what I wish to instill in others.


Spirit-Mind-Body Synergy

The mind-body spirit connection is an extraordinary thing. Understanding, supporting, and tapping into its power are three pillars of holistic healing and manifesting your true desires. Together, these three intertwined aspects (spiritual, mental, and physical) combine to make us who we wholly are. They inspire and inform our experiences. For thousands of years, indigenous peoples understood that a healthy mind helps create a healthy body, and a healthy body is vital if you want a healthy mind. These understandings have also shaped the modern-day mind and body medicine as well. For example, medical researchers know that mental stress is a contributing cause behind the majority of diseases.

Be-Do-Have Synergy

This principle is all about being the person you need to BE before you can DO the things you want to accomplish. Once you get to that point, then it is all about what you need to DO before you can HAVE access to those kinds of results. It all starts with being the person you need to be, which can become the catalyst for the rest of your successes in life, such as overcoming career or business issues. Furthermore, it can also be just as relevant in highly emotional decision-making processes like deciding to start a family, buy a house, or any other big emotional decisions and changes in your life. In summary, it is not “what do I need to HAVE before I can start” or “what work do I need to DO,” but who do I need to BE?