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What Is Coaching?

There is a monumental difference between teaching someone and helping them to learn. Coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the present rather than on the distant past or future. It is helping people to identify, scaffold, and leverage the learning that is just beyond their current capabilities yet within their reach and necessary for the next step forward. When done right, coaching empowers people to strengthen commitments to their vision, and from these commitments come actions that produce powerful results.

How Coaching Can Help You

Life is full of challenges we need to overcome and it can be hard to navigate through life sometimes, especially if you do not have the tools to succeed: Someone who can help you figure out what you most want, then guide you in creating and executing a strategy to reach those goals.

As a certified coach, that is precisely what I do. I professionalize in helping teens and young adults conquer stress, build self-confidence, self-reliance, and awareness of their own strengths and values. My coaching methods are designed to help young men and women overcome issues they frequently struggle with:

Including But Not Limited To...

  • Academic Success
  • Financial Stability
  • Health and Physical Performance
  • Peer Pressure
  • Family Issues
  • Bullying
  • Unemployment
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low Self Confidence
  • Lack of Social Connection
  • Self-Exploration Challenges
  • Low Motivation
  • Schoolwork
  • Substance Use
  • Body Issues
  • Relationships
  • College/Career Choices

My Process

Self-Synergy Coaching

For the past five years, I’ve combined my experience and knowledge as a United States Marine leader and education from the world experts in mental training and performance psychology to help people worldwide. My approach to my Self-Synergy Coaching is based on my core values and principles. (LEARN MORE) I wholeheartedly believe they are the foundation of true self, purpose, clarity, and overall performance, and lasting change in our lives. I believe we were all born with superpowers and a purpose greater than ourselves.


My personal aim is to help you connect to a deeper part of your mind that will allow an incredible potential to come forward and express everything you do. When you are in touch with that part of yourself, you will have a twinkle in your eye, compassion in your heart, and a sense of expansive possibility in your mind.

I genuinely believe that each of us has the answers to our own problems, and I understand that you may need a little help to find the answer. That’s where I come into the picture. Together, we will create a space where miracles happen. You’ll get out of your head and into your life and spearhead into a world of possibility.


One-On-One Coaching

In a weekly 45 minutes to one-hour coaching session (by phone, virtual, or in-person), I help you evaluate the elements of your life. Where are you now? Where could things be better? We flesh out your ideal future to build hope, then set small, self-directed goals to inch closer to that reality. Along the way, I explore the elements that make you who you are – your strengths, values, and personality type – and turn your struggles and weaknesses into tools for building your ideal life. Together we intentionally design a relationship whose purpose is to serve your growth and learning. In a safe and confidential space, you get to be heard, get clear, be empowered, and be challenged to fully show up.


We have a free in-depth discovery session of 90-120 minutes where we learn from one another and find out what it would be like to work together before committing to anything. During this call with me, I will be assessing your current state, discovering where you’d like to go, and who you want to be.

If it feels like a good fit for both of us, then we will schedule our first 45-60-minute coaching session to lay the foundation and co-create our unique dynamic. This session will give us many of the tools, structures, and shared language to best serve your learning and growth.

After that, we have regular coaching sessions for 45-60 minutes each once a week for a period of either 3 or 6 months. When the time comes, we schedule a completion/review session to look back, celebrate, harvest the learning, and point to what’s next for you

“Now is the time to accelerate your personal and professional development. Through coaching, we can optimize your responses to your life, limit the adverse life events you'll experience, and allow you to explore and start living a better life - a life on your own terms”

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